Friday, 23 November 2012

Jackson Kahn and Friday Night Doodles - hold those drinks, barman...

There can't be many design enterprises that claim to reach a creative peak on Friday evenings.

At a time when most workers are thinking of heading to the nearest watering hole for a quick stiffener before home, Phoenix golf architects Jackson Kahn are producing their Friday Night Doodles. That's their story, anyway...
"The...videos are part of a series entitled 'Friday Night Doodles'. In this series, you'll witness our creative process in action. All the sketches are created digitally with the use of a tablet, recorded, and played back at a fast rate to fit within a 60 second time limit. Watch as our designs evolve from a quick sketch to a more complete, detailed rendering..."
There's something very soothing about watching these designs unfold. In fact, with a glass of something to hand and the right audio accompaniment, they can become quite mesmeric. Allow me...

 Lounge by Jeffrey Prest on Grooveshark

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