Thursday, 6 December 2012

Old course fallout

Oakmont #9
Oakmont: ruined forever by one man. I hear it's only
five bucks a round now... (Photo credit: StonehouseGolf)
If the Daily Mail can apparently devote 15 pages to the news of a royal pregnancy, I trust I'm not overstepping the mark with back-to-back Old Course posts but as the debate rumbles on, three thoughts occur:

  • This '59-o-phobia' thing that seems to have prompted these changes; I might share the concern but for one thing. When did you last hear anyone say how the US Open of '73 was all going so well until Johnny Miller's 63 ruined everything...?
  • I don't know if I dare believe what I'm hearing about Martin Hawtree not being a golfer. Whaaaat?! Some say it would be unseemly to dwell on the fact in the current controversy but as I don't propose to beat him over the head with it, I claim exemption. Here I am treading oh-so-carefully as a golf architecture blogger, on account of how I had to put the game on 'hold' for financial reasons while my boys were growing up and have spent the last 18 years, playing golf solely on a computer. And all the while Trump and Dawson's go-to-guy doesn't play AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!? This sounds too good to be true but until I'm advised otherwise, I am a man off the leash - old time archies getting a free pass for stuff their modern counterparts would get hammered for; upturned saucer greens that see a ball bounce twice within 10ft of the hole, yet still shoo it 60 yards away; 'signature designs' where the face behind the signature showed itself on site for all of 30 minutes - I AM COMING AFTER YOU ALL....
  • How good will the Old Course look on this wonderful site a few months from now, a whisk of the cursor revealing the changes in all their gory glory? Until then, we must marvel at Golf Course Histories' at-a-glance visual of the metamorphoses of several other great courses. Possibly my favourite golf architecture resource of the year.

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