Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Karma at The Medalist?

Most of us, in a fit of pique, have 'taken our ball home' at some point in our childhood, when a game wasn't going so well.

When you're that little bit older, have two Majors to your name and fly your own aircraft, however, the petulance stakes tend to be a little higher. You get to take your shark home.

According to Tim Rosaforte's chronicling of the spat between Greg Normal and The Medalist, the shark in the locker room bar was just one item of memorabilia that Norman wanted to remove from the Florida club's premises when he learnt that Bobby Weed had been consulted on a re-design of the course that Norman and Pete Dye created 18 years ago.

It seems that Dye and Norman were not involved in discussions of the proposed tweaks and it is this which has got the Australian steaming. A response I can well understand (how proprietorial must any architect feel towards a course he has carved from nothing?) I merely question how public that response should be, particularly in the light of the extract quoted here from Daniel Wexler's The American Private Golf Club Guide.

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