Monday, 28 January 2013

Two views of minimalism - fans of explosives rejoice, you're still in the game

For those golf architects who really get into the idea of keeping their footprint - carbon or otherwise - as restrained as possible, Grant Snider has come up with an aide memoire of sorts for minimalists, over at Explore. I'd be interested to know how Stop Searching for Hidden Meaning translates into golf.

Ted Robinson, meanwhile, felt compelled to make Whispering Rock GC's meaning a little less hidden by means of fuse wire and detonators. He makes a spirited defence on his blog:
"One of the essential objectives of minimalism is to preserve the existing land form to the greatest extent possible.  While blasting through rock as much as 70 feet deep is a far cry from that objective, preserving and reusing what was found certainly hints of a similar spirit."
WARNING: some landscape was harmed (1:06) in the making of this film...

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