Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Golf architecture book in the pipeline

As a fan of Philippe Binnette's occasional postings on his blog, The Bottom of the Bunker, I await with interest the book on which he is currently working - Golf Par Nature / Golf By Nature. He has posted an excerpt here.

Whatever their genre, translated works don't always jump the language barrier without a stumble but maybe living in a bi-lingual city lessens that problem for this Montreal landscape architect. Philippe's blog posts -- which tend to give vent more to the artistic side of golf architecture - always make their point vividly and the following summary of the Scottish links experience happily suggests that the book may be more of the same:
"The game begins almost in the heart of the village and after a few holes, the golfer finds himself three kilometres away with the village back in the distance. And then starts a journey home, completed by an almost triumphant entrance, as the golfer walks in the shadow of the steeple and the buildings."

Pic of the Day - 4th at Scotland's Cruden Bay Golf Club

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