Friday, 15 March 2013

James Island - hopefully, the way we were

As it's on a private island - currently on the market for $75m - there is little in the way of detail where Jack Nicklaus' James Island course is concerned. From these pictures, however, I suspect I'd be looking to haggle.

Second row from the top - the left-hand image looks stunning, as would the one on the right, save for those bunkers.You're out in the wilds of British Columbia, surrounded by Nature and your golf course has crisp, cookie-cutter bunkering that simply screams 'suburban country club'. Yuk.

They would all have to go, replaced with something a little more, er, sympathetic. So what do I go in at - 70 mill, 65...?

And do I give the great man another crack at it? After all, as we see at Spain's Hacienda Riquelme, he can do it when he wants to...

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