Friday, 1 March 2013

Walkability - golf architects are not alone

Golf carts
(Photo credit: Steve A Johnson)
When your life revolves around a good walk spoiled, it is hard not to read Maria Popova's
What Makes a Great City: A General Theory of Walkability, without seeking parallels with which to bash the buggy brigade.
“I walk everywhere in the city. Any city. You see everything you need to see for a lifetime. Every emotion. Every condition. Every fashion. Every glory...”
"Ultimately, a walkable city isn’t merely an economically and environmentally healthy city — it’s also a relentlessly alluring city, the kind in which you can 'create a sparkle of the highest power'"
"In the absence of any larger vision or mandate, city engineers — worshipping the twin gods of Smooth Traffic and Ample Parking — have turned our downtowns into places that are easy to get to but not worth arriving at."
Slam dunk.

Pic of the Day - Indiana's Purgatory GC

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