Thursday, 15 August 2013

If Tiger got just 25 days off a year like the rest of us, 18 Majors would be a dot in his wing mirror

Such seems to be the inference of this article by Les Bailey on why Tiger  can go from hero to Major zero in less than a week.

Not following tournament golf beyond the Majors, Players' and Europe's PGA Championship, I'd always assumed that Tiger's tight circle of professional engagements was down to optimum commercial arrangements.

Not so, argues Les. This one-time demi-god is apparently demonstrating the very human quality of not wanting to play unless the deck is stacked in his favour.
"If one understands the 'Peter Principle' a term used frequently in the 70′s and 80′s somewhat defines what has happened to Tiger, and his problems on golf courses that aren’t part of his favorites. He has tinkered with his swing, and has become ineffective on some golf courses. Oak Hill is one of those places.
Oak Hill is an older venue where the designers decided to plant acorns around the course when it was young, and now, almost 90 years later, those little acorns are giant oak trees. Those giant oak trees have created narrow fairways that require a golfer to accurately place their tee shots if they want to get a birdie putt. Tiger has lost this ability, and struggles with his driver."
Suddenly, Phil Mickelson's win at Muirfield takes on even greater magnitude, particularly if you're Tiger Woods. True greatness, after all, finds a way to be great just about everywhere.

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