Thursday, 9 January 2014

For goodness' sake, Bulle Rock, it's only a golf course...

Do you suppose the committee actually signed this off, or is it just a freelance project...?
You have to hand it to Pete Dye (for this Maryland course is another of his designs) - drama of one sort or another seems to follow wherever he goes.

This actually looks a rather understated layout by his standards (aerial view here, extensive photo gallery here) which isn't meant as an insult, although the course did garner mixed opinions among those who have played it in the memorable forum thread - Is Bulle Rock Contemptible?

My own immediate reaction concerned the funky bunkering at the par 3s. Do you really need sand that far away from the green on the 3rd? And try as I might, I am still trying to imagine a pin position that brings the back bunker at 12 into play on its own merits: isn't all that water enough on its own?

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