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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Par 3 food for thought...

This may be a little harsh from the great man. Every May, after all, I see people laying up here all the time.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

'Bare bones' golf architecture promo shocker reveals an industry in crisis

I mean, I'm all for cutting your cloth but this is just embarrassing.

Although I'm intrigued by the toilet seat. Remind me, which room of the house was Alice Dye in when she had the idea for the island green at Sawgrass...?

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

It's called 'clubhouse' for a reason

English: Looking south and up from waterside w...It's dated November '11 but this post from Jeff Mingay's blog on the pitfalls of modernisation should never grow old, not while there are clubhouses out there - yes, America, this means you - that tower over their courses like a despot's mausoleum.

Mingay's article covers the trappings of courses generally, from lockers to tee markers ("Many of the great golf clubs throughout the world simply don't fix what ain't broke. They leave well enough alone") but it's the clubhouse that strikes the loudest chord here.

I've grown to accept other examples of Uncle Sam's love of excess - parades, stetsons, '50s cars - but I'm not sure I'll ever feel the love for this, this or this.

See the quote from Robert McKinney's The Clubhouse: A Brief History of the Golf Clubhouse with Accompanying Notes on Design Issues in the article The Clubhouse Reimagined that I curated last month on GCaA's Scoopit page:
"The clubhouse is the personality of the golf facility or country club,...It must be well thought out and designed…[It must be] harmonious with the sedate atmospheres of the golf course and its grounds and complement the expectations of a membership for its clubhouse as an extension of their homes." (my emphasis).
Clue's in the name. It should whisper 'house' not scream 'hotel' and put you in mind of a bolthole where you can be you, not a citadel that demands you be on your best behaviour.

Start with the idea of a classic Irish pub, clubhouse architects, and take it from there. You won't go far wrong.

(Bayonne GC, New Jersey - Photo credit: Wikipedia)